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  • Magnetic Pulse Welding and Forming are unique high speed metal processing technologies

    July 11th 2017
    Using aluminum alloys for automotive components could reduce vehicle body structure weight and using these alloys is receiving much attention. Magnetic pulse technology (MPT) (forming/welding) is a high-speed metal processing technology which uses el...

  • Bmax hosts a first Open Day event in new Detroit offices

    On December 6th 2016, Bmax hosted an open day event in Detroit, Michigan, showcasing its unique advanced manufacturing solutions and officially inaugurating its expanded presence in the USA....

  • Leoni to push forward Magnetic Pulse Crimping

    Septembre 6th 2016
    Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, reinforces its research with the company BMAX....

  • Getting the pulse racing

    April 30th 2016
    During the first world war it was observed that when armour plating was hit by shrapnel some of the bits not only embedded themselves into the metal but ended up welded to it, a process that normally takes a great deal of heat......

  • Quand la vitesse est une alliée

    March 2016
    La société Bmax s’est spécialisée dans les techniques de formage utilisant des générateurs de décharges électriques impulsionnelles (dits à Hautes Puissances Pulsées). Ces technologies, qui ont aujourd’hui atteint un stade de maturité indu...

Advanced Aluminium Engineering for the Automotive Industry

21 – 22 November 2017 | Birmingham – UK

Jean-Charles Boutin, VP Business Development, Sales & Marketing of Bmax will be talking about “Magnetic Pulse Welding Applications”.
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