Fast dynamic simulations

Without accurate simulation technologies, it would be impossible to achieve the short development cycles required by modern engineering and design. And while off-the-shelf simulation software covers many engineering domains, it simply isn’t designed to describe metal’s behaviour in the extreme deformation rates attained by Bmax systems.


To ensure we can simulate all our magnetic pulse and electro-hydraulic processes with the same precision as one would expect from our systems, we’ve invested heavily in further developing the best simulation software on the market today.


Developed through extensive testing, the inherent multi-physics models can simulate the performance of products far beyond the conventional range of mechanical engineering. For example, only our software is modeled to predict the dramatic, non-linear change in a magnetic field caused by a fast-moving metal element.


All of which enables you to realize the maximum potential of your Bmax system – and your entire production line.

Simulation Technology

By using magnetohydrodynamic based codes we can simulate even the most complex high strain rate processes

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Simulation resources

Powerful on-site processors run complex multiphysics codes to provide detailed and accurate predictive simulations

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Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

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