Our approach

Our teams provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach, to ensure you receive the very best processing systems and services – from first contact to after-sales support, maintenance and training.

  • For every project, we offer extensive numerical simulations that help in determining process parameters, performance and failure prediction
  • Proof of concept incorporates the best product design available, ensuring the best industrial system is delivered
  • Our service includes full on-site installation, maintenance and technical support as well as training for your in-house technical teams
  • We will support the production for as long as required – either remotely or on-site – to ensure your project is a success
  • Having a production solution does not necessarily oblige you to buy a system – we also offer in-house production capabilities and flexible leasing contracts
  • We work with every customer to deliver the perfect solution and on-going support and training, based on our off the shelf models
  • Intimate collaboration with commercial entities and research centers around the world supports the development and validation of our processes
  • Our research contributes to the development and awareness of magnetic Pulse technology and processes around the world
  • We have created a Pulse Research and Education Program (PREP) to encourage coordination and knowledge sharing within the field

Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

Case study
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