Magnetic Pulse Welding

Magnetic Pulse Welding (MPW) uses electromagnetically generated forces to create a solid-state cold weld at room temperature. This weld is completed in microseconds and is stronger than the base metals joined. No heat, filler materials or gases are required.

The science

The conductive workpiece is placed inside or next to a Bmax coil which accelerates it over 1mm to impact the second workpiece at extremely high speed. The acceleration is a result of repelling magnetic fields between the workpiece and the coil, produced by the eddy current in the workpiece.


Solid state cold weld is created when two metals are forced together in such intensity their atoms start sharing electrons, practically fusing the two metals together. Since there is no heat or melting involved, dissimilar metals can be welded using this technique.


MPW triggers this phenomenon by accelerating the metal into visco-plastic phase and impacts the other workpiece at an exact speed and angle.

Competitive advantages of MPW
  • Allows designs previously not possible
  • High-speed (a typical pulse lasts from 10 to 100µs, so the only time limitation is loading and unloading)
  • High repeatability
  • Reliable and well suited to high-volume production (MTBF typically 1-5 million welds)
  • Many welding combinations using dissimilar metals are possible
  • Cold weld with no heat-affected zone (parts can be handled immediately after the process)
  • No need for filler materials
  • Green process (no heat, no sparks, no smoke, no radiation)
  • Clean process (no pre- or post-weld cleaning)
  • High quality, very aesthetic and cleaner interface
  • Maintains mechanical strength (typical joints are stronger than the parent material)
  • High precision (single micron precision obtainable by adjustment of magnetic field)
  • No distortion
  • No corrosion development in the welding area
  • All these advantages translate into significantly lower costs and much higher quality and productivity

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