Magnetic Pulse Forming

Magnetic Pulse Forming (MPF) gives you the power to create complex and detailed shapes more efficiently and with less steps and equipment.

The science

A special coil is placed near the metallic workpiece, replacing the pusher in traditional forming. When the system releases its intense magnetic pulse , the coil generates a magnetic field which in turn accelerates the workpiece to hyper speed and onto the die.


The magnetic pulse (MP) and the extreme deformation speed transforms the metal into a visco-plastic state – increasing formability without affecting the native strength of the material.

Competitive advantages of MPF
  • Even material distribution
  • Springback reduction
  • Higher formability
  • Enables complex shapes with very fine details and sharp corners
  • Only requires a single one-sided die (one of our systems can replace a heavy five-step press system)
  • Cutting and perforating within same process
  • Clean process and high-quality surface finish of part
  • Can be combined with any other forming technology
  • Less chance of tears due to friction as no contact occurs between tool and part
  • Process can be applied to low conductive materials

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