Visco-plastic based metal processing is recognized as a facilitator of exceptional capabilities and results in products. MP technology is a fundamental enabler of such processes, being the only technology that can achieve the high deformation speeds required, and yet be user friendly and generally viable for industrial use.

Now, as a result of massive developments in componentry and architecture over recent years, our reliable MP and EH systems are beginning to transform industrial-grade metal processing – to the benefit of manufacturers, customers and the environment.

Magnetic Pulse Forming

Accelerating workpieces into a die at ultra-high speeds, MPF delivers revolutionary precision and formability.

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Electro-Hydraulic Forming

Shaping metal by generating high speed shockwaves in water, EHF is clean, efficient and unbelievably fast.

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Magnetic Pulse Welding

Previously unthinkable combinations, incredible strength and zero heat – welcome to the future of welding.

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Magnetic Pulse Crimping

Opening a world of new possibilities, our crimping technology delivers quality with every turn.

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Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

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