All Bmax systems are constructed of special capacitors able to store a large amount of energy in a relatively small space – and discharge it in milliseconds or microseconds. The heart of the system is a basic unit, holding a few capacitors and a specially developed switching device, capable of handling the intense current flow with exceptional precision and efficiency.


The system includes a pulse generator, connected to a control unit and a workstation where the workpiece is made – either manually or automatically, depending on your requirements.

Expand with ease

We offer two off-the-shelf industrial product lines, including pulse generators ranging from 5Kj up to 200Kj (9Kv and 25Kv). In addition, an in-house range of systems are available, up to 2Mj and multiple stations for all processes. In specific use cases, custom-built systems (up to 50Kv) can be supplied according to specifications.


Both our product lines are built according to our unique modular architecture, using basic energy modules and expandable form factors. A system can be easily upgraded, adding modules with minimal effort and cost.


We offer a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as our proprietary high-power transformers, coils and feeding systems. Specially designed equipment can also be added to the most appropriate model depending on your specific requirements.

Ultimate operability

Our systems comprise of a generator, separate or integrated control unit, and a workstation, which can be a stand-alone unit or integrated into your existing production line. Small systems are comprised of a single unit with an integrated control function and all models can be operated using a remote control that can be mounted easily where needed.


All models are CE-compliant and very simple to operate and control. They include a basic PLC controller for lower complexity and cost, and can be upgraded with a Siemens 19” touch-screen high-power PLC.


Bmax modular architecture also provides the option of using complex usage configurations such as pulsing each module separately, in different timing and power. This architecture also ensures high repeatability in production and flexibility in usage and maintenance.

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