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Bmax products are proven in production sites worldwide, running millions of cycles reliably and efficiently, producing large to very small parts in various production rates. All models are also offered in research edition for prototyping or for use in research centers.


As well as providing revolutionary increases in yield and reductions in power consumption, our modular systems can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively. All models also include an optional in-line quality assurance system to make sure your 10 millionth product is identical to your first.


With over 100 man-years of combined experience, our teams offer the power to ensure you find the best possible solution – whether you want an off-the-shelf or customized system integrated into your production line.


Bmax’s comprehensive approach covers all stages in your product life cycle, from concept, design and simulations, through prototyping, pilot production runs and validation to on-site installation, training, support and maintenance.

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The heart of any Bmax solution, explore our range of magnetic pulse (MP) and electro-hydraulic (EH) systems.

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Built for mass production durability and efficiency, our range of coils provide the perfect solution for every challenge.

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Auxiliary equipment

We offer workstations to suit most applications. Find the perfect match for your development or production line.

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Training & Support

Ensure you realize the full potential of your new Bmax system with our on- and off-site support services.

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Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

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