Whether made for power or structural purposes, cables crimped by Bmax systems exhibit greater tensile strength, performance and durability.

Bmax crimping also creates higher-strength joins with ultra-conductive interfaces and enables the use of new materials such as glass, composite and fibers. Which means you can now take cable manufacture to a whole new level.


  • Electrical cable and tube connections
  • Stranded wires
  • Crimped joints
  • Power cables
  • Terminals
  • Cable lugs
  • High current cables
  • HV cables
  • HV fuse end pieces
  • Cable ducts
  • Cable connectors
  • Cables to connectors
  • End connectors on cables
  • EMI proof electrical connectors

Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

Case study
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