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Magnetic pulse (MP) and electro-hydraulic (EH) technology produces better products; In cases where MP technology can be applied to replace traditional processes, products will show higher performance, efficiency and repeatability, and lower cost of quality, ownership and warranty.


MP technology also enables you to provide product designs and performances that would be impossible using traditional processes. Welding aluminum to steel in driveshafts and forming deep and sharp details in packaging are just two commercial examples of how MP technology has helped product managers and designers realize even their most far-fetched dreams.


In all commercial cases, MP processes are also proven to bring dramatic positive side effects. In welding applications, for example, the elimination of the de-greasing unit and the fume shaft reduces the complete line footprint and complexity. While in stamping, less storage space and maintenance people are required due to the lower number of dies.


Enabling higher performance with less weight, we bring more efficiency to your designs – and your processes.

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From high-grade alloy forming to metal-composite joins, we can help you broaden every horizon.

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Open up a world of complex shapes and fine details to create packaging designs that truly stand out.

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White Goods

Bring more colour to your white goods, with the ability to form painted sheets and incorporate new materials.

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Join dissimilar metals and non-metallic isolators, to ensure energy and efficiency always go together.

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Explore new designs, new materials, and new levels of strength – even when joining dissimilar materials.

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Our crimping increases the performance and durability of your cables. And that’s just the start…

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Gas & Fluid

Break the paradigm of copper tubes and steel actuators. Use the best materials for every component.

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Heat Exchangers

Rewrite the rulebook of heat exchanger production, using the materials and components you want.

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From sports equipment to consumer electronics, create light, strong structures with incredible precision.

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Download our latest case study : "AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Oil Deflector: when new technology maintains one’s competitive advantage".

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