Shaping metal. Reshaping industries.

Bmax is the leading provider of Magnetic Pulse (MP) systems for metal processing, occupying a large facility in France and multiple sites world-wide. A team of over 70 highly experienced engineers bring decades of combined practical expertise and research to Bmax.

Bmax systems are currently being used for mass production of parts in automotive, aerospace, packaging and many other industries. Welding aluminum to steel in drive shafts and forming deep and sharp details in packaging are just two commercial examples of how our technology has helped product managers and designers realize their never-thought-possible products.

Bmax’s technology is based on the high concentration of electrical energy used to manipulate metal at extremely high deformation speeds.

Bmax offers a promise for a change in the world of production by using a clean, highly efficient, groundbreaking technology bundled with new engineering and design capabilities.

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